From conceptual phase to construction observation, Elements has experience working with the client, other professionals, and the skilled trades to make a successful project.
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Native Azalea. Elements of Land Design is a landscape architectural firm with a focus on ecological restoration.  


      Elements of Land Design, LLC was formed to fill a growing need to provide specialized design services for clients who are interested in restoring a site to a healthy and ecologically appropriate condition.  Elements has extensive background in native plant communities of the Southeast, in addition to exotic invasive plant identification and management for removal AND a passion to help heal our ailing, sterile environments.
      From conceptual phase to construction observation, Elements has experience working with the client, other professionals, and the skilled trades to make a successful project, whether it is a commercial or residential client.
      As a Certified Arborist, Gretchen has experience with many Atlanta metro municipalities' tree ordinances which will assist the client in obtaining a land disturbance permit and help guide the client's decisions regarding the health of existing trees.


“Let man heal the hurt places and revere whatever is still miraculously pristine.”
      David R. Brower, in Eliot Porter’s Summer Island: Penobscot Country


It’s all been said many, many times – we are the Earth’s keepers – by so many cultures.  It’s true, of course.  But the world has become consumed with modern civilization and has put the care-taking on the backburner. Many of us know we need to make changes in our daily lives.  Even small changes matter.  Elements will help the client look at their land and see a slightly different outcome than is traditionally proposed.  Diversity is the key.  Native plant materials and other natural, sustainable materials will be proposed.  Reduced disturbance to the soil bed will help retain important existing, bacteria, fungal hyphae, insects, and organic material to provide the best place for a plant to “set down its roots”.  Newly- developed sites have highly compacted soils due to heavy equipment, so proper soil amendments need to be implemented when planting to reduce plant stress for establishment.  Retaining stormwater on site – it’s  a waste of resources and money to whisk the rainwater off site to a storm drain and then  install irrigation to water the site.  Places for wildlife, impacted by the disturbance, need to be brought back.  The whole community is assessed and hopefully, reconnected.

Formal and traditional garden designs can certainly be provided to the client, as well.    Within those designs, basic concepts of restoration can be incorporated to solve both the client’s wish for a more classic design and measures that will help provide a healthier environment.

I have always had a strong bond with the earth and have long been drawn to the arts.  Landscape Architecture seemed a perfect fit.  And it has been.  For the past 18 years, I have had a varied, yet strong development in the core elements of design – color, texture, line, form, pattern, value, space, & size.  The elements of nature – earth, air, fire, & water – are inseparable from the elements of design. It seemed so natural to have “elements” in the title of the business.


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